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The changing face of human resources skills in the logistics and transport industry which is gradually adapting to IoT & Analytics

by | Jun 24, 2019 | News

IoT and analytics including tools like Machine Learning (ML) and its subset Artificial Intelligence ( AI) are making their way to headlines.

Companies, new and old, are taking serious note of the transformational power of these cutting-edge technologies and devising plans to implement the technologies in one way or the other.

The advent of new technologies will leave lasting imprint not only in the industries but also on the employment market.

The effect is likely to be more pronounced in transport and logistics industry. The primary reason for the same may be attributed to the nature of the industry, the transport and logistic industry has historically been dependent on human resources at the lower end of qualification spectrum. This was due to low adoption of technology.

However, in last few years, new business models have made technology accessible and affordable and democratized the use of technology in unprecedented manner.

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