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Maintaining specific temperature in rooms for Kanchan Pharma

by | Jun 17, 2021 | case studies


Kanchan Pharma is a premier Pharmaceutical Logistic Solution Provider and leading C & F Agent in India. Being in pharmaceutical industry, they have a critical operation depending on temperature and humidity. Temperature & humidity monitoring & control with mobile app would enable them 24 hours monitoring and control the operations remotely .


TransportHub suggested to implement an intelligent IoT based solution to implement temperature & humidity monitoring & control with mobile app . TH-ICE with temperature sensor and humidity sensors enabled the team to monitor both the temperature maintained inside the trucks as well as humidity which was most mission critical for them.

ICE ( Improvement in Cold-Chain Efficiency) is powered by totally indigenous robust IoT platform working seamlessly with devices to monitor & control cold warehousing operations. 

The solution gives time-wise temperature and humidity and the same is given in the report form for further analysis along with the temperature maintained at each point of time. Any anomaly is alerted to the concerned user(s) via alarm, sms and email. 

The solution also gave user assigned access to see the reports and get alerts and generate alarms which were triggered as per their specifications.


Total Control over mission critical objectives like temperature and humidity.. The reports generated everyday lets them analyze the status and define strategies. Reduced the risk of spoilt stocks thereby increasing profitability.

Integration with legacy system based on PLC ( programmable logic controller )  has enabled client to analyze , act and control the warehouse from anywhere and at any time . This was done in few hours with marginal costs of integration .

The alerts of temperature and humidity variation event gave the necessary surveillance necessary.

Versatile solution, thus removing the dependency on different software for different purposes.