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Saving electricity in the cold storage warehouse of Coldrush

by | Jul 4, 2020 | case studies


Coldrush Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is a complete coldchain logistics company focused on exclusively handling temperature sensitive products for numerous industries. They faced high electricity costs due to inefficient operations.

The temperature monitoring along with the door open/close status was the requirement put forward.


TransportHub suggested to implement an intelligent IoT based solution to reduce electricity costs. TH-ICE with door sensor enabled helped the team to monitor both the temperature maintained inside each cold room of the warehouse and also the live door status.

The solution gives the total time each door was kept open and closed during the day and the same is given in the report form for further analysis along with the temperature maintained at each point of time.

The solution also gave user assigned access to see the reports and get alerts regarding every event of door open/close.


Reduced power consumption by reducing the run time of the cooling unit as the temperature is maintained by keeping a check on the status of the door every time from our solution provided.

The reports generated everyday lets them analyze the average time the door was kept open which was causing an increased temperature, maintained inside the cold room.

The overall report of all the door open/close status helped in identifying the frequently opened door of each cold room.

The alerts of open/close event gave the necessary surveillance necessary.

Versatile solution, thus removing the dependency on different software for different purposes.

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