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What is TOP?

TOP – Tool for Online Procurement is your Digital Procurement Assistant for convenient and quick online procurement of trucks / tankers / any other fleet.

How TOP uses machine learning ?

TOP can automate the entire process by creating automated vehicle indentation from dispatch planning with the help of machine learning algorithms. The algorithm breaks down the dispatch plan into number and types of vehicles required. The requirements are sent to transporters automatically.

Can TOP be integrated with our ERP system ?

TOP’s connection points ( APIs) enable very easy integration with any modern ERP or software. TransportHub.com also helps in such integration.

Can TOP provide me with fleet location?

TOP can be integrated with any GPS service through APIs to give fleet location. Moreover, Transporthub’s VoPS through GPS and HOOQ through any smart phone are already integrated with TOP to give you fleet location and status.

Does TOP have ePOD feature?

Yes. TOP has ePOD feature which can be used.

Is TOP cost effective?

Yes TOP encourages online bidding by transporters ensuring that the load that you have uploaded online gets the best possible bid ensuring optimum cost.

What if I cannot wait for the bidding and need a truck urgently?

TOP has an option of choosing a different mode of posting a load wherin the shipper can propose a price and the transporter can accept the same. That way, no bidding is essential.

What if the price received during bidding is not satisfactory?

TOP has an option of negotiating price with bidders.

We give monthly or quarterly contracts to transporters. How does TOP take care of that?

TOP has the option of giving contracts for fixed periods. The choice is yours as to what duration to choose for the contracts.

What are the advantages of TOP?

TOP has the following benefits –

  1. Increased transparency through online bidding.
  2. Larger reach by using transporters already registered on TH-TOP platform.
  3. Audit trail to track your shipments.
  4. Trend analysis for vehicles and seasonality patterns.
  5. ePOD
  6. TTH Verified transporters for security of your consignment.
  7. Track even market fleet through HOOQ app.
Which service locations are serviced by TOP?

You can post your request for loads from anywhere to anywhere within India.

Headquarter :

543 A-wing,

Balaji Bhavan,Sector 11,

CBD Belapur,Navi Mumbai

Maharashtra 400614, India.

Contact: +91 9319977101

Email: sales@transporthub.in