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What is ICE?

ICE – Improvement in Cold Chain Efficiency is a proprietary solution of Transporthub, consisting of hardware and software integrated with cold storage rooms and reefer containers to provide automated control of temperature in any enclosure.

Where can ICE be used?

ICE can be used at any place requiring real time Temperature and humidity monitoring, control and alerts. For example, Warehouses, cold storages, reefer vehicles, reefer containers, plantations where temperature control is required etc

My warehouse has temperature sensors. How will ICE help?

ICE helps in providing temperature data on your desktop / smart phone remotely. Also, it enables automation of temperature and alerts via sms and email. Hence, you are not dependent on the staff in the warehouse.

Can ICE be used in moving vehicles?

Yes. ICE can not only be used in cold storage rooms but also in refer containers which require temperature to be maintained.

Can ICE be used to monitor humidity?

Yes, ICE can monitor temperature as well as humidity. However, only the temperature can be controlled.

How can temperature be controlled?
  1. Check whether the internet connection is turned on
  2. Check the network connectivity
  3. Check the login details for errors, if any.
In case I do not need automated control what can be done?

In case you do not require automation, ICE can generate sms and email alerts based on your threshold and from anywhere in the world you can switch on or switch off the control unit of your air conditioning. All you need is a desktop or a smart phone connected to the internet to do the same.

Can ICE control the genset in case of export reefer containers?

Yes ICE can also control genset on –off remotely in export reefer containers.

Can ICE work in vehicle engine driven reefers when vehicle engine is off?

No. ICE does not work in such reefers when vehicle engine is off. However, it is possible to set an alert to identify when the vehicle engine is off.

How many sensors can be connected to an ICE unit?

A total of 4 temperature sensors and 1 humidity sensor can be connected to an ICE unit. This enables you to get better accuracy as you can get details of the temperature at various points in the same enclosure.

What is the warranty on ICE?

ICE comes with a 1 year warranty. However, an AMC can also be availed of after the first year.

What happens if ICE solution has automated the temperature in an enclosure and temperature threshold gets breached?

ICE ensures that the temperature threshold is never breached. Moreover, in case of the unlikely event of the temperature getting breached, the ICE solution will generate email / sms alerts immediately so that action can be taken.

Does ICE also give location data?

Yes. ICE also gives location data. As such, you do not need location tracking in your moving vehicles in case you have ICE. ICE will take care of the same.

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