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TOP- is Transport Management Automation System with IoT & Machine Learning

Transport Management Automation  System(TMAS)  provide transparency, automation and analytics by integrating workflows & deploying technology. A carefully chosen TMS can immediately reduce costs and imrpove efficiencies not only for transportation process but for the entire business. Transport is not any more a cost centre but is a strategic lever to differentiate your business

Fleet Management - Blogs & Articles

Fleet Management Automation SystemFleet Management Automation System(FMAS)  utilizes technologies like IoT & Machine Learning to automate Fleet Management of  trucks, buses or cars in in a jiffy. A right system can take away manual intervention and errors, reduce costs immediately and allows Fleet Management from anywhere. Read more to learn about useful technologies.

Need of hour – E-documentation in Road Transportation

Need of hour – E-documentation in Road Transportation

Many articles have been written detailing out advantages of digitalization of documents in road transportation space . However, the acceptance of digital document is still negligible. There are myriad reasons for low acceptance and most of them relate to inertia and...

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Low hanging fruit !

Low hanging fruit !

Most companies fret that that they are incurring very high logistics costs on account of bad infrastructure, unprofessional transport service providers and corruption at all levels. They also know that these factors are uncontrollable and improvement in these will...

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