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How Sakata improved efficiency of its Seeds Warehouse in India

by | May 15, 2019 | case studies


  • Sakata, one of the largest seeds companies in the world wanted to reduce damage to the seeds its warehouse in India due to temperature fluctuations.
  •  It also wanted to analyse the impact of environment on seed quality by measuring accurate data for humidity and temperature ranges.


  • TH- ICE ( Improvement in Cold-chain Efficiency) has equipped Sakata operations’ team to prevent fluctuations beyond the specified thresholds in temperature and humidity.
  • The solution also enabled Sakata to get real time data on the cloud for continuous monitoring from anywhere.
  • It gave different levels of access through user defined rights to access the platform.


  • Prevention of damage through well designed alerts beyond threshold limits.
  • Data acquisition on Real-Time basis enabled the team to analyse the operations with Accurate data, no paper and manual errors leading to increased work efficiency
  • Better surveillance and control of company’s logistics activities.
  • Low cost even as compared with old technology.

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